Saturday, October 27, 2007

Phoctober the twenty-seventh

Some pretty mistakes today. When I caught sight of these trees displaying so much vibrant color against the brown building with the golden windows, I actually gasped. I couldn't get the final shots anywhere near the beauty of the original. So while these are nice enough, I look at them and know I really missed something here.

A good day, a bad day, a long day, Blogreader. The good outweighed the bad by a fair margin. And at least a long day tomorrow. But perhaps I shall have pictures of a friendly fire for you.


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It isn't too late to join the fun. Just do a photo post, mention Phoctober, and come and tell me about it in the comments.


Unknown said...

Ah, I'd love to be able to see those in "real life" - the colours must be fantastic - I can just imagine, having seen autumn in all it's finery in England last year.

PS have phoctobered again with pavement cafes and restaurants and baby guinea fowl...

Unknown said...

I took some photo's of an amazing sunrise last week - they were crap when I downloaded them. You win some, you lose some, but the memory stays.

Lane Mathias said...

Lovely - they look like big Italian lettuce (lollo rosso?)

Taffiny said...

They are good, I like them, but admit, I can't hear them singing. Elements, vibrant trees, deep dark wood, reflective golden windows, all in a repeating pattern, and rich green grass. I am trying to imagine looking over at this scene in live life, of being struck by it. There is always some intangible element that can't be captured and shared.

Glad the good outweighed the bad. I should say a friendly fire sounds nice, but truth is the term has me thinking of causing our own war time casualties. Sit close to it, but no so close as to be struck by it.

Sameera Ansari said...

Lovely hues.I am just wondering how heavenly cool it must be within that building.Is it some campus?

And continuing Phoctober for the 28th :

The Moon Topples said...

AbVan: Yeah. As Minx says, you win some, you lose some. Still pretty enough to make the cut, but so disappointing as the real colors will gradually fade from memory.

Minx: True 'dat. Sorry you lost your sunrise, though.

Lane: Yes, it does look like it would make a particularly beautiful salad, no?

Taffiny: Yes, in hidnsight, "friendly fire" was an unfortunate choice of words. I meant, as you can see in the latest post, an actual fire, which was also friendly.

Sameera: It is less than inspiring inside that building. I had many classes there as a student, and it doesn;t look like much but classrooms from the inside. And, yes, it's my old college campus.