Friday, October 26, 2007

Phoctober the twenty-sixth

Not a lot to say today. I've mostly been sequestered with my scripts trying to get off book on everything for tomorrow's rehearsal.

I am at liberty to disclose that I might cheerfully murder someone for a huge slice of sweet potato pie right now. And a nice cup of coffee. And the complete mastery of all the characters I have to portray in the show. While I am at it, I might continue to wish for things for myself, but I suspect I have rambled on long enough.

And so, Phoctober! This was also taken in the courtyard at my former learning institution where the (creepy to some) trees from a few days ago live.


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Taffiny channels Tippi Hedren.

Gayé goes to the park, frolics in leaves.

Matthew brings an image of a tree down from the mountain.

It isn't too late to join the fun. Just do a photo post, mention Phoctober, and come and tell me about it in the comments.


Taffiny said...

I like the little red leaf ( I wonder why that is? I saw a little black lamb this week among a flock of white ones, and he too was the most dear). I also like the leaf that has both colors in it, like a bridge in time, in being, between the green, and red (stages).

Characters? I had assumed you had to get the lines and characterization of one character down. (?)

I had to look Tippi up. The Birds, yes masses and masses of them, loved it. I mean the docile ones here, not those in the movie.

Thanks for the triple link yesterday, that was very generous.

Well if NaNobuddy is the more the merrier, no skill set prerequisite, then count me in.

Sameera Ansari said...

Wonderful photography yet again!That little red leaf stands out among the greenery.

No matter how small,if someone is unique,they will always stand apart...

I would like to add to Phoctober for the 27th :

Unknown said...

Love the way the red leaf stands out as a sign of "autumn's coming whether you like it or not!

Sweet potato pie, eh - so that's where your gastronomic leanings lie, is it? Personally, I'd make do with a dollop of a most wonderful apple pie which includes custard in the pie and amongst the apples! Slurp!

PS Have phoctobered again and thing phoctober needs to be extended! ;-)

Gayé Terzioglu said...

I know it's a classic even a cliché but I love strawberries and cream. Yummmmmm.
Like all else, I loved the red leaf as well! It's all about autumn these days isn't it, except if I were back in Sydney, then it'd be all about up and coming summer plans. Vanilla will know absolutely what I'm talking about.
Good luck with the play Maht dear!
Off I go to the pub to watch football now.

Anonymous said...

Wishes are good, I hope you find all of the various nourishments. I tend to agree with the phoctober extension--won't you have the time with all of your other commitments (Nano and such) ;)

I saw that Absolute Vanilla had a couple of different names for a November photo sharing--perhaps she would like to host the festivities.

All of these words leading up to me sharing that I too took some pictures of leaves.

Taffiny said...

I want your flickr duck. Is there a way I can ducknap him/her? Or do you not trust others to take care of your photo ducks and therefore insist on keeping them with the rest of the photo flock?

The Moon Topples said...

Taffiny: I have six different characters in this show, which is more a collection of short plays and monologues than a legitimate play by itself. Sorry for the confusion. And I'll look for your buddying next time I log in to the NaNo site.

Sameera: Yes, it's the red one that had me whipping off the lens cap.

AbVan: Well, now I want a slice of that pie. So many pies, so little time...

As for a Phoctober extension, I can't possibly fit it in. I need to concentrate on my writing and the play during November. If you take up the reigns, though, for a November project, please let me know and I'll do what I can to participate. Phoctober was such fun, and such a success, though, that I absolutely plan to do it again next year, unless I no longer have a blog for some reason.

Gayé: One assumes you mean "soccer." Harrumph. And, yes, strawberries and cream are a classic. Why are you all tempting me with desserts? Now I'm hungry!

Matthew: I wholeheartedly support an AbVan photo month. I think I'd enjoy just playing and not hosting for a little while. And your leaves are stunning.

Taffiny: I have to confess that I have no idea what that means. Do you mean the rubber ducks in water from the carnival at the end of the summer? Or do I have other ducks floating around. Will have to check my Flickr page, I guess...

And ducknap them to what end?

Taffiny said...

6 Characters? Holy sh..i...uu...gar!

Don't be silly, I have my own rubber ducks.
On a flickr page, you have a perfectly beautiful picture of two ducks, standing in some water. A little orange leaf, happily echoing orange feet. The clearness, details, rhythms, just what I like. In water, in feathers. Certain patterns, placements, make me hear a tone. That may sound odd, but I like hearing it. (and I can't hear you saying "that sounds odd")
To what end? To hug them and pat them, and call them Fred (of course). Nothing sinister I assure you. And as you yourself have forgotten they exist, they certainly wont suffer from more neglect under my care, than they have under yours.
Actually, I don't know exactly what. Not screen saver. Not blog post. I would be nice to have them visually walking about my studio but that wont work either. Thinking...thinking...