Thursday, November 08, 2007

Not much of a blog post, really

Not a lot to report today. Busy, busy.

I'm in the process of reading what I have on paper so far for the novel, seeing what I have done, what is still to be written, where what I have down is no longer what it is supposed to be. A little disheartening that things that are no longer in keeping with my current thoughts include the very beginning, but it was a much better read than I would have thought. Not ready, or complete or anything, but better than I thought.

I still plan to post an Ask the Moon today—as soon as I get home from rehearsal—but as I have no guarantees that it will still be Thursday when I return, I thought this brief post might hold you until then. Run, sentence, run!

I guess that begs the question about daily posts: if my "day" goes well past midnight, does it still count as the same day for NaBloPoMo purposes? Or is a post for each calendar date of the month required?


Taffiny said...

"much better read than I would have thought" wow, fantastic, glad you are so pleased with yourself. :)
I mean glad the work you have done is so good.

If it didn't concern you when you were doing Phoctober and linking posts for a given day, pretty much when that day was over, I don't see why it should concern you now. Just make sure in the wee hours of December first you get your last November post in. You could also do a double post like you seem to be intending today, and then when you do one later in the AM mark it as Friday's post. Thus from then on your AM post will be for the day that follows it, not for the day that just was.

I don't think it is weird at all that you are proud of the company logo you created for the dummy book jacket. Of course you are! :) But you might not want to go by me.

Taffiny said...

Oh bother. Have I come over to talk to myself? I can do that quite well on my own blog.

Anonymous said...

If it is still "a day" to you, then I am all for cheating that time stamp. But then, I am a cheater that way.

When do you open, for goodness sake, Moose Tabbles?

Taffiny said...

It still isn't Friday?
(it is afternoon Saturday here)

You must be very busy, I hope things are going well.

Has your play opened yet?

I should stop leaving comments, untill after you do a new post I know, but it is unlikely I will follow such reasonable reasoning. In fact I very rarely ask such of myself. Hmm, whatever shall I babble on about tomorrow?