Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Phoctober the one hundred sixth

We're a week away from getting our new President, the one we ordered back in November from the catalog. This will be the seventh peaceful transfer of power in my lifetime, as I was born in the vaporous remnants of the Nixon administration, around the time Butterfield admitted before Congress that tapes were made of conversations within the Oval Office.

Good times.

And if there is one thing our nation took away as a lesson from all that, it was never to re-elect a seemingly shifty Republican who has clearly misled the American people.


What's that? Not a political blog?
Quite right. I apologize.


What's that? Not really a blog at all anymore, since the word perpetrator who once filled these pages with his thought(s) disappeared under mysterious circumstances quite some time ago?
A bit wordy, but I can see your point. Again, I apologize.


While we're on disappearances, did you know that the US government built a Liberty Ship in 1942 and christened her the SS Amelia Earhart? Seems a little strange to me to name a sea vessel after someone lost and presumed dead at sea, but I was not consulted.

I am almost never consulted.


When last we saw one another, Phoctober was in full flush. For abandoning my post in the middle of a communal project, I truly do apologize.

I recently had occasion to look through my discarded photography and try to find some beauty in the shots that were total misfires for one reason or another. I found a few that worked in the same sort of way that some abstract art does: they just sort of appealed to my eye. I'll close this post with a few of those.


RhodesyDurant said...

Welcome back. Do hope you'll hang around for a while this time. ;)

Unknown said...

Maht, Maht, someone has writed on yer blog!!!

Baino said...

Magic misfires at that. Welcome back it's been a while.

Chris said...

Very cool shots there sir. Don't you just love it when something wild like that happens with the camera. The down side is then realising you have no idea why or how to recreate it. Oh well.

Taffiny said...

Oh I forgot that your blog is discriminatory and always closes down my Safari insisting on Firefox. And it waited till after I wrote my comment to do it to. errr.

Anyway...I like how the mind searches for known images and meaning in such photos.

The upside of almost never being consulted, is it means you sometimes are. (though I suppose rarely would be more accurately stated, it just doesn't have the same vibe)

Sundry said...

There is seriously not enough Maht out here anymore. Sigh.

Liz Dwyer said...

When are you coming for a blog visit again?

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

*laugh*... are we still phoctobering? I'm way behind, I think.

I LOVE the first red and orange photo as one scrolls down the page.
Very strong... made me think volcano.

So take your camera and go make some good photos and post them and then you will be back again.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore