Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Lucy Conundrum

Normally, if I am asked to liken myself to a Peanuts character—which is no longer as much of a rarity as it should be, in the age of memes—I'd have to say I'm Charlie himself. I'm a bit hapless at times, prone also to repeating mistakes and finding myself crushed all over again even though I should know better. Also, I am not a good baseball player.

But thinking about this blog, I realize I have become Lucy, the obnoxious one who continually sets up Mr. Brown for one of his disappointments. And all she does is offer to hold a football.

Just in the way that I flit back in here from time to time with every intent of opening anew this blog of mine, which I think about far more often than would be apparent to anyone who clicks in to find I have once again not created a new post.

So, thinking about it, and myself as a writer, and how keeping this blog made me a better writer, I went and reread a bunch of it last weekend. It was sort of like reading an old diary, except that enough time had passed for most of the entries that it was a bit like reading the diary of someone else.

I wonder if Lucy fully intends to hold still each time. I try to imagine the scenarios that could pull a person away suddenly in the span between when Charlie starts his run and when he reaches that pivotal moment when foot fails to meet ball and he goes off hurtling through the sky. I wonder if Charles Schultz ever thought about the physics involved, and the impossibility of such a thing really being caused by the lack of a football.

I wonder if anyone still clicks in here. I wonder if I can rediscover that part of me that sought out little tales and small jokes to bring back to all those I affectionately called "Blogreader."

Can't hurt to try.

If nothing else, it's a good way to avoid work.


Kathleen said...

Hold still.
Don't pull away.

Because this is new to me, and I'm not prepared for disappointment.

Lane Mathias said...

Hey, my google reader showed a new MT post. That's a good thing - right:-)

Patrice said...

I'm rather new to you too, "Lucy", and as I see myself as Lucy at least when it comes to "boys" (crabby, impatient, and cynical), I got quite a chuckle from your own identification.

I'll keep coming if for no other reason than to re-experience the warmth I felt for you after your post about the new president and lessons "learned."

And hey. Everything is political in some way.

love yer blog. get busy. put those thoughts into little letters and words. we need you.

Unknown said...

Lucy, if you are starting up again you have to try and answer your blogreaders in this little box thing.

Hopefully we will both stop doing a 'Linus' and start blogtalking out loud again!

Love and light,

Hoodie said...

I'm still clicking.
Good to read your prose again.
I'll be back.

Vesper said...

Hello Maht, I haven't been here in a while, it's true, but it's nice "seeing" you again... :-)

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to be Schroeder - the musician. An artistic loner in his own world, unknowingly adored by the women around him.

I guess there's a difference between what you want to be and what you actually are.

Tarun Chandel said...

Waah! (wow in another laguage)
You have taken some really good pictures.

Tarun Chandel

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I would welcome you back but I see that post is about two months old.

Not that I should talk. I am not particularly prolific either, and have pulled away the football too many times to generate much interest when I do post.

I can identify with all the Peanuts crew to some extent, even Snoopy. Like Whitman, I am large - I contain multitudes.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Just clicking in to check on you and see if you've been around.

I know you're on FB often enough, as am I; totally addicted there... what's THAT all about?

But, it would be nice to see some new posts here, too.


Scarlett & Viaggiatore