Saturday, August 01, 2009

In which a return to blogging is attempted

When last we saw our erstwhile blogger, he was spewing forth yet another apology for not blogging more often. Even though he seemed to mean it, it was nonetheless a bit tedious. The only thing more tedious is the several half-hearted attempts he had made to keep the blog alive during his ridiculously lengthy absences. Such attempts typically began with some sort of announcement that he was back on the blog.


I am back on the blog, Blogreader*!


Next weekend is Lollapalooza, once a national touring festival and now something which happens only in Chicago, once every summer. Typically during a heat wave. I have never attended one of these before, but I think I had tickets for whichever one Siouxsie and the Banshees co-headlined (1992, maybe).

The lineup looks really good. There is almost never a time in the three days that there is not at least a band I would be willing to see, and there are several slots where I shall have to make a choice between two or more excellent shows. So I've got that coming up. Currently, it is supposed to storm all three days, so I'm expecting a wet, muddy, exhausting slog through the contemporary indie scene. This hasn't seemed to dampen my excitement.


I also have about a 74% chance of another longish trip to London, similar to the one I took in 2006, near the conception of this blog. This was really when I started blogging seriously, and I expect I'll once again be sending my travels home in 300-word blobs for my friends who cannot come.

*at this point, I'm assuming that the term "Blogreader" applies mainly to my mom and whatever friends I personally harrangue to come and read this. But if any old Blogfriends remain, please stop and say hello.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back: Whether temporarily or more durably.

Blogging: I don't think a blogger should ever apologize for not blogging. It's your blog and your life, after all. If you can't come and go in it as you please, who can?

Bands: Hm, pass. One of my favourite sounds is silence.

London: Well, I live here and love it. How could I not approve of a trip? And the rest of the country: even the British are not always aware of the delights this country has to offer. For ideas, see the Travels section of my blog.

caveblogem said...

Nice to see you back, MT. Sometimes we blog. Sometimes we live. Sometimes we do both, and those are really great times.

Liz Dwyer said...

Welcome back to Blog Land.

I firmly believe that sometimes we bloggers need a break, a sabbatical of sorts, from blogging. We need to live in order to have something to write about.

As for Lolla... Depeche Mode is playing there! Hope you get to see them!

Baino said...


The Moon Topples said...

SilverT: Hiya. I checked out some of your wanderings. Looks more or less like the kind of stuff I'll likely post while there. Wandered, saw something, here's the pictures and a story.

Cavey: I see you took a break for a while as well. Welcome back for both of us? And can I get a discount on the soul storage thingie?

Los Angelista: Depeche Mode is indeed playing there. Will our friendship survive if I fail to check them out? In truth, I had planned to skip most of the headliners, saving my energy for the bands that might surprise me. That said, I might very well catch a song or two, depending on which night they are playing and the sturdiness/preferences of my companions.

Baino: Hi! Nice to see you again. I just noticed that you aren't in my links, due most likely to your arrival on the radar at about the time I quit blogging (nearly two years ago!). This mistake has been remedied.

Hoodie said...

Hi. *waving*

The Moon Topples said...

Hoodie: Hi. *waves back*

nova said...

Glad you're back, Maht! Hope you stay :)