Friday, August 07, 2009

Technology = weird

As part of my preparation for Lollapalooza, I looked into various ways I might be able to use my phone to communicate with the outside world. It turns out that I have two different ways to update my blog from my weird little mobile device, and three different ways to update via Twitter/Facebook statuses. That seems like at least two too many ways to stay "in touch" during a three-day music festival. Woodstock, this ain't.

It got me thinking about the various ways the digital age has completely changed how things are done. Practically nothing remains the same as it was twenty years ago, when they were still pressing vinyl for any album that came out and photography was a weirdly poetic alchemy of chemicals and paper and darkness and time.

But fear not, gentle Blogreader. This is not a post of weepy nostalgia for a simpler time. Frankly, most everything is way more convenient nowadays. If nothing else, it turns out that digital was the main thing that kept me from taking a lot of pictures earlier in life. I simply did not have the time or money to invest in it back in the pre-digital days. Film was expensive, let alone darkroom fees, paper, chemicals.

Blah, blah, blah. The long and the short of it is that I might fling some words or pictures up here from my phone during the weekend.


So Lollapalooza starts in a few scant hours. We have not been blessed by the weather gods. Tomorrow should be gorgeous, right up until it rains. Saturday and Sunday are both scheduled to peak above 90°F. I'm hoping that our proximity to the lake will provide at least a small amount of relief. Even so, I expect to sweat out a lot more than the one liter of water that the rules allow me to carry into the festival with me.

Lolla rules also prohibit me from bringing in my good camera, so I spent a little time today dinking around with the consumer model I used to use a lot. I discovered that I no longer know how it works with any certainty, so I'm not sure if I'll get any decent shots or not. But I sure will try.


Speaking of things I never expected to have the word "electronic" attached to them, I have begun a transition to electronic cigarettes. They provide the part of a normal cigarette to which I am addicted, without any of the stuff that is striving to kill me. So that's nice.


Tomorrow's lineup includes Gaslight Anthem, Heartless Bastards, Fleet Foxes, a tough call between Andrew Bird and Of Montreal (that I suspect Mr. Bird will lose by virtue of not being the kind of performer one benefits from seeing in a festival), and a headliner matchup between Kings of Leon and Depeche Mode. The current plan is to see a bit of each of the latter two. Am hopeful this will be enough to sustain my friendship with Los Angelista. There are also dozens of other bands, but the list above are the ones I'm most interested in seeing. Fleet Foxes, especially, who had one of the best records of last year.

Sorry, Decemberists.

More soon...


Baino said...

Very envious. Fleet Foxes are one of my 'this year' faves. Let me know if the electronic cigarette works . .I've been thinking about it. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I remember "chemicals and paper and darkness and time" and the magic of pictures emerging from blankness. The digital age is certainly a lot more convenient.

At the same time, people have become more suspicious and it isn't always easy taking photos in towns or where people gather. Tigger nearly had her camera snatched away by a drunk claiming she had photographed him (she hadn't). In the old days they would line up to be included in the picture. Sweet innocents...

Liz Dwyer said...

Hope you managed to have a good time. I hear that the weather cleared up and turned into perfection right before Depeche Mode came on!

Anonymous said...

I have never yet been to a music festival, such is my dislike of dirt and camping and drugs and mud. One day I'll brave it, maybe Glastonbury when I can afford the posh cabin.

Liz Dwyer said...

Hey Moon -- Just coming by to say hello!

Taffiny said...

hmm only band I've heard of is Depeche Mode, which either means I am very old, or just not cool; Or I guess I could be old and uncool. Hope you had a great time.
Intrigued by the cigarettes, and I have never been intrigued by cigarettes before. Hope they worked.

By the bye, I just stopped by hoping (third hope here) to catch some phoctober shots.

Anonymous said...

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Badoo said...

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