Monday, October 15, 2007

Phoctober the fifteenth

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

It's Blog Action Day, and while I am naturally a little suspicious of a one-day event which does not mention what day the event is in its banners, the topic (also not specifically named above) is the environment, so I'll do something on the topic, and linkies and whatnot.

My initial thought was to keep the autumnal theme going, but add some sort of eco-message. I found this shot, taken Saturday.

This, too, is autumn in Chicago. I cannot help but think that we can do better.


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It isn't too late to join the fun. Just do a photo post, mention Phoctober, and come and tell me about it in the comments.


Lane Mathias said...

An all too familiar sight unfortunately:-(

Hope the lurgy is lifting.

Taffiny said...

I hate litter. I don't understand why people do it.(straightforward unwitty reply).

It isn't so bad around here, except it is often windy, so on trash day even if you escape your neighbor's trash, you still have to avoid the cans strewn about. And on other blustery days stuff tends to blow about. (but sometimes you find good stuff, like inflatable sleds, fake tombstones, and soccer nets in your yard. Of course then you have to find out from whose yard they blew and return them. darn it all).

germophobe. (thanks for spelling)

by the bye,
sometimes it feels like those little pop up windows are chasing me. Bit like jack in the boxes jumping out at me when I scroll down the page.

Unknown said...

Leaves and litter. Yep, the blight of too many of our urban landscapes. Of course we can do better - but will we?

Unknown said...

We can totally do better, but do we want to?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes its just a simple picture that can convey a stark message...some people just have really bad aim. (Apologies)

Totally unrelated I've got pictures of stones.

The Moon Topples said...

Lane: I was struck last autumn by how relentlessly clean most of London is. I wish that Chicago could rise to the occasion as well.

Taffiny: The snap windows are indeed irritating. I keep meaning to cripple them. Hope to do so this week...

AbVan: I certainly hope so. I'm ashamed to admit that I have to be paying attention to even notice trash these days.

Ver: Same answer as AbVan's question. I certainly hope so.

Matthew: I should point out that that shot was taken more than half a block from the nearest trash can. The was negligence rather than bad aim.

Taffiny said...

Oh no, I mean, it is cool that you know how to things like that (those pop up windows)

Anonymous said...

We can do better! But, the ultimate question to ponder, is will we? It wouldn't be that hard, if we all pitched in and helped.

There used to be something in the world called teamwork, but for the life of me, I can't seem to find it anymore. :)