Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Phoctober the sixteenth

I cannot help myself. I am drawn to the ochres and umbers of the season. This might be because it is only a quick flash during the year, like singling out a vocal harmony that happens only once in the song.

Autumn is my favorite. October is my favorite. Although I am not doing anything special, I can easily see in my mind's eye the hayrides and apples of another time. The leaf piles, hot cider, festive Halloween decorations: these are all good things. Warm things, in my head. The chill in the air only making the sensation of warmth more enjoyable.

Sometimes, living in a city has its downsides.


Well, we are now more than halfway through the month of Phoctober. I've been delighted at all the other blogs joining in here and there, some nearly daily. It's a great way to see pictures from all over the world. So please, if you haven't been doing so already, consider clicking the other links below.


Other Phoctobering:

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Absolute Vanilla brings us whales.

Matthew in a rocky place.

Sognatrice and the camera fairy.

Taffiny shows us her dining room.

It isn't too late to join the fun. Just do a photo post, mention Phoctober, and come and tell me about it in the comments.


Taffiny said...

Oh but you speak so warmly of it, so fondly, so lyrically, why not take a hay ride to pick pumpkins, followed by drinking hot apple cider. The country surrounds the city. Doesn't it?

by the bye,
I like the music, your music (myspace)

The Usual Stuff said...

Yeah, Yupii, Yahoo! October is the month of the most beautiful moons, Halloween, Cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon, Terror marathons on TV and dried leaves!

You have covered almost everything so far, including the pumpkins. Any halloween pictures planned?

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I am glad to see autumn has fallen on your page!

And, I have participated late.

Mid terms, you know.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Unknown said...

I love the smell.

Anonymous said...

Ah, you're taking me back to my own youth, with all of this talk of hayrides, pumpkin patches, and the like. :)

I love the leaves!

Unknown said...

There is something both magical and mysterious about autumn - you're lucky to enjoy it as you do, here you barely notice it as most trees are evergreens. I envy you the golds and reds and browns of a perfect autumn with the vapoury arms of mist drifting between the trees...

Rick said...

More nice autumn pics to make me homesick!
Here's some more Phoctobering from me...

The Moon Topples said...

Taffiny: There is country out there, to be sure. What is less certain is whether the actual experience could now match the memory, and whether the vague longing for such activities is all I really need...

Usual Stuff: I expect I will do some shots of Halloween decorations in my neighborhood, but it isn't likely I'll go much farther than that...

Scarlett: No worries. Phoctober does not require daily participation from anyone but me.

Minx: Sure, but of what?

Jefferson: Thanks. My own youth as well.

AbVan: If it helps at all, we're still experiencing summery temperatures. I find that sweating profusely takes a bit of the shine off of autumn.

Kyklops: Sorry to make you homesick. I though I'd be okay so long as I avoided maple leaves...